Costume Con 27 Single Pattern Contest

CC27 Single Pattern Contest
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Hi all,

We are Ann Hamilton and Ric Rader, Directors of the CostumeCon 27 Single Pattern Contest. If you don't know what a fun and educational costume convention CostumeCon is, check out my first Journal entry. (I'll also be chronicling my own sewing progress)

Ric and I have been into historic and fantasy costuming for years and are pleased to be Directors for CC27's Single Pattern Contest (CC27, May 1-4, 2009, Baltimore, MD).

I personally love the Single Pattern Contest, so not only am I going to post information about the convention and the contest, you'll get a chance to see my progress on our costumes based on our 2009 pattern selections.

This way I'll actually be forced to start sewing. ha-ha

Feel free to contact us at any time about any old thing.

Cheers, Ann and Ric