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Costume Con 27 Single Pattern Contest
Hi All,

Well it is almost time for the Single Pattern Contest!!

I'm sorry I wasn't able to make anything this year for either myself or my husband. I'm afraid those evil "health issues" and "job issues" just seemed to want to knock me down for the count. =-(

However, here are the details (the official CC27 Web page has not been corrected yet.):

Start time will be at 8:30 pm on Friday, May 1 in the Delaney Room. NOT at the party which starts after the contest.

ALSO, if you are competing I'd like to see you in the Green Room between 6:30 and 7:00 pm for a prejudging chat with the judges so you can tell them about your great work and creative ideas. (Green Room will be one of the panel rooms with sign on door. It hasn't been assigned yet.)

Format is simple fashion show. But if you've put together a small presentation, that's OK too. However we won't have individual sound over like the SciFi or Historic contest has.

I'm so excited to see everybody's stuff!!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Cheers, Ann

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Now that I'm in charge of Single Pattern, have two costumes to make for Science Fiction and Fantasy, and have to pull together two workshops for programing, I think I better get started making my own Single Pattern outfits for hubby and I.

For those of you who know Ric, you are aware that he is a really good sport and will wear pretty much anything I put on him including a large pink dress with hoops. So when I came up with the idea to make a "La Cage aux Folles-esque" outfit from the Ren. pattern, I thought it wouldn't be a problem.

So I researched and planed and presented my idea.

*chirp, chirp*

Well then.

I can see his mind grasping for some way to let me down easy. He looks at his feet and starts shuffling around the room aimlessly.

"Would you prefer something a little more, um, masculine?" I ask.

His head popped up. "Oh, yes!" he exclaimed.

I guess it is back to the drawing board. My problem now is that no matter how hard I try, every "masculine" idea using the coat pattern manages to morph itself right back to the "La Cage" costume.

*Sigh* I was so looking forward to making that "La Cage" dress...

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Yep, it is time once again for my favorite part of any Costume Con, the single pattern contest. Woo-hoo!

This year we have two beauties that lend themselves both to innovative reconstructions and creative fabric embellishments – historic or fantasy. Take the pattern and make it into anything you can dream up. (See below for more detailed information on the patterns and links).

Personally I think I'll make an evening gown for myself and trying a new dying technique I learned for my husband's – both from the duster and shirt pattern. You can check out my progress right here in my blogs.

Hey novice sewers, this is the perfect opportunity to get your feet wet with constructing a costume! These are easy and forgiving patterns to sew. Aw heck, glue the thing together if you want. We love it all!

Or if you already sew, this is a super fun way to get up in front of people and show off your work.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

If you would also be so kind to let me know if you plan on entering, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Now go wild and have fun!!


Pattern resources:

McCalls 4997

Butterick 3830

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So now that we all know what CostumeCon is. What is a Single Pattern Contest?

Welp, it's when someone like Ric and I (your Single Pattern Contest Directors) pick one or more commercial patterns that he/she feels have potential to become any number of imaginative variations or lend themselves to a variety of fabric manipulation and embellishment techniques.

After that it is up to you to let your creative juices flow and morph one of these babies into your own vision.

Come CostumeCon time (May 1-4, 2009, Baltimore, MD - BTW hint, hint) then either you or someone of your choosing models your fabulous creation for all to see. At this point the judges have to make what is usually a very tough decision and pick who best displayed their vision for that particular pattern.

But in this contest it really isn't about the winning. It's about exploring, testing, creating, and just plain having fun. For novices, it's an easy way to get started creating costumes. We've done the hard part for you - picking what you want make.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Cheers, Ann

Next, the upcoming Single Pattern Contest...

Some helpful links:

Costume Con Archives: www.costume-con.org

CC27, Baltimore Flyer: http://www.costume-con.com/cc27/cc27flyer2.pdf

Current and Future Conventions: http://www.costume-con.com/info.html

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What the heck is this CostumeCon thing I'm hearing about?....

CostumeCon is a wonderfully fun and educational weekend that comes once a year filled with parties, classes, competitions all dedicated to my favorite subject - the making and wearing of costumes! There is even my second favorite subject happening in the dealers room - shopping!

These costumes can be anything. Fantasy, Historical, Cosplay, SCA, Renfaire, Goth, Lolita, Steampunk, LARP, etc. We even have a few team mascots roaming the halls sometimes. lol

All skill levels are welcome! Even no skill level like my husband. (Looks real good wearing stuff and makes dern nice props though. ha-ha)

COSTUME-CON was founded by Karen Dick and is dedicated to the art and craft of costuming. The convention has its roots in science fiction and fantasy conventions and historic re-enactment type events, but all forms of costuming are welcome. Costume-Con is a "traveling" national-level convention, and is in a different city and run by a different committee each year.

Anyway here are some links if you would like to take a look at archived photos or get information on upcoming CostumeCons.

Ours is CostumeCon 27, May 1-4, 2009, Baltimore, MD. Our theme is Vampires, Villains, and Vixens. We'd LOVE to have you join us even if you aren't one of the three!!! ;-)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Cheers, Ann

Costume Con Archives: www.costume-con.org

CC27, Baltimore Flyer: http://www.costume-con.com/cc27/cc27flyer2.pdf

Current and Future Conventions: http://www.costume-con.com/info.html

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